Wealth Management

Private Client Services

We build and manage personalized portfolios for high-net worth families, business owners, pensions, and endowments.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a critical component of our decision-making process. We strive to manage risk prudently, while maximizing return opportunities.

This requires a solid framework of checks and balances to ensure that our portfolio remains within a set of parameters that we are comfortable with. An important aspect of our framework is to identify and mitigate potential risks that our portfolio is subject to.

Concentration Risk

Exposure to individual companies and industries

Liquidity Risk

Exposure to securities with limited trading volume relative to aggregate position size

Credit Risk

Exposure to deteriorating capital markets and rising interest rates

Country Risk

Exposure to international markets, individual countries, and foreign currencies

Economic Risk

Exposure to recession, inflation, deflation, and consumer discretionary spending

Government Risk

Exposure to government regulations, fiscal policies, and tax reform

Tax Management

Your portfolio is invested for you. By owning individual positions instead of mutual funds and exchange traded funds we benefit from long-term capital gains tax treatment and we consider tax loss harvesting opportunities when appropriate and strive to efficiently tax manage your account.

Fixed Income

Fixed income portfolios are customized to meet specific client needs, including:

  • Capital preservation
  • Inflation protection
  • Diversification
  • Tax efficiency
  • Current income
  • Liquidity

We evaluate each fixed income security on an individual basis within the context of a portfolio, and apply internal views on interest rates, inflation, and credit risk. Depending on specific client needs, portfolios are typically constructed of corporate, municipal, and/or treasury bonds.